I’m a data analyst/data scientist living in København Denmark. I am open to work, be it full-time, contract, or freelance r/statistics and general editing consultation for projects like graduate theses & dissertations or other research projects.

Though my main subject area expertise is in higher education policy, undergraduate admissions & enrollment management, and student success, the work I have done translates very well to people analytics (employee learning and retention) and business problems like customer churn and retention.

I work in r for everything from data import & cleaning, to analysis, modeling & visualization. I have also used SAS and excel and have basic working knowledge of SQL & Python and a passing familiarity with Tableau.

My favorite part of data work is visualisation and making nice charts & tables. I’m also quite happy to do the data grunt work that is important but less glamorous - cleaning and munging data to get it ready for analysis and machine learning modeling.

I was born in Denmark and grew up in the US. After many years in San Francisco I lived in Lyon France from May to December 2022 , working as an ESL instructor after earning a CELTA via the ELT Hub.

In this space I’ll mostly be posting code-throughs and results from my personal data projects; music, football (the soccer kind), education, #tidytuesday data projects and other work. All views expressed here are my own.

Over the years I’ve made some music with Gosta Berling, Slowness, Big Still, The Trolleyvox and Idle Wilds. My photography is at Flickr.

Unless otherwise cited, all photographs used in posts are mine, with a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license